Not keeping up lately




Oh – I’m the first to admit that I haven’t done a very good job keeping up with the BLOG posts – but it’s not to say I haven’t been busy with other things- during this “slower” time I spend a lot of time reflecting on how the year went for my business and for me personally – the things that happened in my life and the lives that I witness every week- I educate myself in some new techniques, new styles, and research the new up and coming – so I do spend quite a bit of time behind the scenes planning out the year.

           This past year has been a bit more difficult for me as I lost my Dad in May 2015 – it was a huge hit to my family and to myself. As much as I tried to smile and bear it, I think it came out every day in some way – He died somewhat unexpected and I had photo shoots scheduled for that weekend – and while I was away with him,  I was texting my clients to reschedule – this is one thing I love so much about the people I have met through this business – they are fabulous !!! Easily rescheduled and had wonderful sessions to follow.  One big thing that I learned from my dads passing was that we just didn’t quite have enough Pictures – I found that I had many photos of him from years back, here and there had some of mom and him together – but very very few pictures of myself with him – although I spent time with him, I never really thought much to take the camera and have fun times with him, I really regret that – but it put a new layer on my Photographing the families that I spend time with every week.

                     2015 was a year where I met some amazing people – captured some very ,very special times in their lives and then witnessed some great losses – To receive an email from someone that I photographed recently – and them letting me know they had lost a loved one , thanking me over and over for the photos that I captured of them to document their family and  love.  This is something that can’t be replaced by anything in the world, and something  I just can’t quite forget.  It is my honor every single day ! As difficult as this time is for these families – I know that I had part of them being able to keep the memories alive and to help bring a smile in between their dark moments.

I Love to Volunteer for things as much as I can in between my already busy schedule  – I’ve chosen a couple of Organizations to be a part of on a constant basis – I photograph children attending Camp Ta Kumpta in the Summer during their Summer break – this past July was my 3rd year doing this and this has been such a wonderful experience for me and I love seeing the kids every year, watching them grow older, healthy , stronger and smiling – and sadly also seeing some that are not feeling so great – but they still smile which brings a smile to my face.   The Second Organization that I am a part of is Now I lay me down to sleep – this as difficult as it is, is also a very rewarding experience for me in a way as I photograph little ones that are leaving or have just left this earth – The emotions that are felt for me through this session cannot be explained.  I know that the gift I am giving these families is something that they will carry through life – My heart goes out to each and every family suffering such loss.

I have Photographed some Fantastic Weddings at some of the most beautiful Venues imaginable – and I just love every single Wedding – each one has it’t own twist, its own style and I learn something new every time I attend one of these happy,  happy days. I just love the love that captures these days and the wonderful circle of friends that I have after having met these amazing couples.

Many happy family moments were captured, many new babies, first Birthday sticky cake smash sessions and quick moving toddlers as moms/dads and myself eagerly try to contain them to capture that super happy smile – even had a few pets to chase after.  Just thinking back at it all just brings a smile of joy.

I am proudly on the Board of Vermont Professional Photographers Association – I have a wonderful group of professionals that I am surrounded with –  As the Program Chair I schedule and plan our Bi-monthly workshops – This past year, I brought to Vermont Lou Freeman who was the first female Photographer for Playboy Magazine – she did an amazing demonstration and gave some terrific opportunity for hands on.  We did  a super fun mountain biking workshop in Stowe, Vermont – with he help of Ryan Thibault – the founder of, and had some great bikers riding the trail for us allowing us the opportunity to  photograph them in action – and we had a terrific Landscape , and Sunsets/Storms  and super dynamic lighting photographer by the name of Ken Sklute who joined us from Arizona –

Later in the year I was invited to become part of Miss Vermont Teen High School Organization – I photographed their pageant and have become their state sponsor, capturing their head shots, formal shots and some of their fun events – this looks to be a beautiful year with these lovely ladies and I wish them much luck when they go to Nationals in July.

It has been an amazing year for me, so much to do, so many people that I have met and so many terrific things that I have become involved in – it keeps me very excited ( and busy ) to think about what is ahead – ( and I still work a full time 40 hr a week job in the Corporate world – along with caring for my family)

2016 will be another great year – One of my first goals is to complete my Photography Certification – and to photograph a lot of Weddings –  Meet a bunch of new people – to see more newborns coming my way -to go on a couple of vacations – and well, how about photographing One Wedding in a Tropical Destination – Now that would be amazing –

Well 2015 is wrapped up and in the books – onward and forward to more Magic ~

Be well my friends, and Be safe


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