The Times we are living in

The year 2020 has sure started with a BANG, I feel like all the plans I and most others have had for this year have been put on hold and/or redirected to something completely different. How many of you have had change everything about your life, not only for the past 2 months, but for the entire  year ?  COVID – 19 came in with the new year and decided to take on the world. Who would have ever thought the most critical item to get would be toilet paper? Kudos to those that have a 5 year supply, I guess that just wasn’t my first thought when all this started.

I have had a few Bridal couples that had to change their plans, but I am happy to say they took it in stride and are making the best of the situation, I am still going to be there for them when their big day comes, which makes me happy and they are happy knowing I will still be by their side. I have however had to cancel quite a few portrait sessions, but I know we will get them scheduled as soon as this lift happens and we can get back to a new normal.

There will be changes in the studio and even during outside photo sessions as soon as I am able to begin doing them again.  The one thing about our great State is that they are teaching us businesses to follow a protocol, follow guidelines and do our very best to keep everyone safe and healthy as much as possible. I am thankful for that; I will be practicing very strict guidelines and that is not only for me, but for each and every one of my clients as well and the community as a whole. This will become the new norm, I feel that we should always practice hand sanitation and physical space, although I tend to be a hugger, this may be a challenge for me going forward.

A few great things have happened in these past couple of months though and I would love to share them with you.  First I became President for our state Professional Photographers Association, I am very proud to be a member of Vermont professional photographers and to be able to lead the organization this year.  I take this very seriously,  education, expansion and networking are very importand in our line of work, and I strive to better myself in all every day.  We have continued our education via Webinars and online classes and we have our meetings via Zoom to be able to maintain our tasks.  I am however excited to get back to face to face times.

I also managed to clean up and paint my studio space, it feels great knowing my space is organized and cleaned up, and who doesn’t love a fresh coat of paint ?   Took out some cabinets to make some more wall space for pictures and shelves, and I cleaned out and rid myself of some old props that I clearly no longer use, ahhhhh to have some space 🙂 . I can’t wait to start photographing again. I have found myself photographing fruit and other objects and been getting my teenager to dress up and pose for me just because I’m missing it so much, but she is enjoying it.

Since Education is such a big part of what I strive for, I spend 4 months studying for my Certified Professional Photographers exam, I tell you, this was quite the exam.  Just when you think you know just about everything, you are pushed down to realize there is sooooooo much more to learn. I am very VERY happy to report however that I did pass my exam, wooohooooo, This has been on my bucket list for several years now.  I do still have to wait response from the physical photo submission, but I have faith.

I have certainly spent more time doing household things, I actually have enjoyed it too. Spending so much time with my husband and teenage daughter and teenage fur baby, initially I thought we would get under eachothers skin, but it’s really be enjoyable. We have played board games, gone for hikes, walks and bike rides,  and done PROJECTS around the house consiting of painting, yard work and organizing closets, along with this I participated in a month long Minimalist challenge, promising to actually get rid of things every day, and boy let me tell you, I got rid of so much stuff ( clutter).  I have cooked some great meals, baked homebaked breads out of bread starter ( because there is no yeast anywhere to be found) I am excited about my little homestead.  To have the opportunity to really spend time with family is just the best there is.  I do have some adult kids that I haven’t been able to see other than from a distance, but they are all doing great following the physical distancing guidelines.

Well, we have a pile of lemons, things are kind of a mess, things are a bit uncertain and maybe even nerve wracking, but this is life I guess, ups and downs and challenges.  We will all get through this in our own way.  2020 will get better,  it’s a year of change, it’s a year we can chose to fold up and call it quits, or a year that we can emerge from the cocoon and make some of the best decisions of our lives to really come out of this stronger, more motivated and more educated.


Be well, stay healthy and be happy –

Anyone up for some Lemonade ??



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